White Pampas Grass Bunch ~ 45" Tall


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The prettiest pampas grass, for a soft natural touch. Comes in a bunch of 3 stems.


As this is a natural product there can be variance in colour, size and shape. Plume length and fluffiness can vary. Photos are for reference only.

If pampas will be in a high traffic area or you want to further avoid shedding, we recommend using a light dusting of hairspray.


After your pampas grass has made its journey to you, it may be a little compressed. This is normal. Simply give your pampas a little shake (we like to do this outside since it can be a little messy), place pampas in front of a fan or give a little blow dry (a hairdryer is our favorite method) and it will fluff right back up again! Some shedding will occur but will not affect the look.